about mr gahon

It was Ghandi who said, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Throughout most of my life, through various reflections of what is my life’s purpose and what am I meant to do in this world, I also often asked myself how it is I can positively affect the world that we live in? How can I spread the words that affectionately come to mind along with the food that I work with both coupled with the kindness and joy that I desire to breed in this world. Love. How can I spread this gesture of love, this smile deep in my heart, this God-given light about my being in order to break down walls and ease the repressed suffering of the person next to me? All I know is that I am modestly blessed with words, a knowledge of food and an irrepressible desire to make people laugh. I hope to make a difference with these humbling strengths… one sandwich at a time.

Yes, I’m that same writer, mr gahon, whose left a trail of poetry in the following blogs: onehungrypoet, loveshungrypoet and poeticalsounds. While I liken them to nesting dolls, because the beginning of one blog pushed me to start another one with a slightly more ambitious idea, the blogs coincidentally gave me courage to write with the goal of becoming better at the craft.

And now, here I am with yet another one. It was always a goal to write about the food I make, the food I come across and learn about. Working with food supports the writing after all. But with what kind of umbrella can encompass everything I encounter, experience and observe in a kitchen, behind a counter top? Growing up, maturing in a kitchen, spending countless hours behind a stainless steel table as my 9-5 desk, how can I even begin to share this world that begins with my hands. I’m not really sure, but what I come to realize is that much like a poem, foods are also authored. I just hope to write it well enough in More Than Sandwiches… so bare with me.


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